Easy Comfort

I love nothing more than being super cozy at home. I’m picky about it – the littlest things can throw off my “feng-shui” of coziness, like harsh fluorescent lighting (the absolute WORST!) and lots of blue toned things in a room, to name the two biggest coziness-disturbing culprits. However, I could sit for hours in a softly lit room (think yellow lighting), and any room that is filled with reds, oranges, and yellows. Is that weird?

I mentioned before one of the easiest ways I like to make a room feel cozy, and today I wanted to share another of my favorite ways to make any room nice and comfortable: wax tarts. I have to give my mom credit for fueling my obsession with wax tarts. She and I both hoard these things like they’re going out of style – she even got Jake hooked on them!

What you see here are just a few of the many different types of wax tarts I own. You can get them in a variety of shapes and sizes, and in just about any scent you can think of.  I break the circular tarts (above) in half, and burn each half twice before switching it out. The boxed Soft Cashmere Amber tarts come in six little squares that are easy to break apart. I usually only burn these once, as they’re much smaller, and not nearly as aromatic as the Yankee Candle brand.  All you have to do is pop one of these things in a tart burner (available for use with tea lights, or in the safer [less cozy] electrical version) and your home will be smelling delicious as soon as the wax starts to melt. You can also burn scented oils in your tart burners as well (mix the oil with a splash of water before burning.)

Right now the smell of a cinnamon tart is making my living room smell absolutely amazing. The flickering candlelight, super-comfy leggings and oversized U of M long sleeved Tshirt, and a nice warm homemade London Fog to sip on are making this Friday evening super cozy. Jake is on his way up to visit for the weekend and then I’ll have my fiance here to cuddle – cozy perfection!

What are your favorite ways to stay comfy?


About As Told by Brianna

I am a twenty-something from the midwest, a graduate of the University of Minnesota, PR girl, a soon-to-be bride, social media addict, impassioned lover of books and music, and a chronic beauty product buyer!
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